In the Private Sector.....

Our firm services a large number of clients who operate private commercial businesses.  We help with overall financial planning and with the crucial work of obtaining financing from banks and other sources.  We also offer particularly valuable assistance with using and interpreting financial data.  This data interpretation is an important component of our firm's ability to anticipate trends that may affect our own industry, related industries, and the overall economy.  A major portion of our work with for-profit businesses deals with tax advice, tax planning, and the calculation of potential tax liabilities.  Our expertise is essential to clients facing difficult or unusual business transactions such as major contract negotiations, mergers, or acquisitions, all of which can be subject to wrong or insufficient data resulting in catastrophic business failure rather than success.  As business and management consultants, our firm also advises our clients on developing sound cost-accounting systems; making decisions to lease or buy capital equipment; build or rent facilities; determining required office or retail space and other critical business decisions.

Private Sector Clients:

  • Retail and Commercial Enterprises
  • Nonprofit Health and Welfare Organizations
  • Legal and Medical Professionals
  • Real Estate Engagement Companies
  • Religious Organizations

In the Public Sector.....                                                                                        O. H. Plunkett & Co., P.C., is exceptionally strong when dealing with the problems of nonprofit companies and organizations.  Our staff has audited and assisted numerous enterprises financed by government funds.  Our solid experience has given us a substantial grasp of the accounting and fiscal-control requirements imposed by government agencies with respect to potential grantees and contractors and put our firm in the position of being very useful to theses enterprises.  In addition, we are thoroughly familiar with overhead rate calculations, which form the basis for reimbursement under certain types of contracts.  For clients receiving funding from more than one source, we have designed specific budgeting systems and controls, which take into account this special consideration.  We also have extensive experience in developing strong internal control systems for safeguarding assets and providing reliable financial reporting.  O. H. Plunkett & Co., P.C., also provides audits of contractors and grantees under direct engagements from Federal, State, and local governments.

Public Sector Clients:

  • Health and Human Services Providers
  • Housing and Urban Development Programs
  • Department of Justice and Administrative Offices of the U.S. Courts funded programs
  • State Department of Human Resource Grants
  • Governor's Emergency Fund Programs
  • Local Governments (Towns and Counties)
  • Mass Transit Systems
  • State Lottery Systems

Ultimately, O. H. Plunkett & Co., P.C., is focused on helping our clients find solutions that will lead to their greater success by substantially improving their critical management areas.  Whether we are assisting with an organization's financial development, evaluation, or management, our expertise enables our clients to maximize their corporate capabilities and successfully meet changing business demands.